Cindy Motherway - Mothermark
Loveland, CO
Oh My Gosh!! A big surprise for me! This has me Oh My Goshing big time!!

This is my story!

1. When I got my phone call from Jenn I figured she was calling me about the SCS Naughty list and complications she might be having with getting the moniker under my avatar back to *This is My Story* instead of *Naughty Hall of Fame* which mysteriously appeared after the list was first *published*!

2. But, to my surprise, I found myself accepting six months of Dirty work before she could even get the question out! When we hung up, this is what ran through my head.....

a) I wonder if being dirty will bring on a nasty case of writer's block and I won't be able to write a story?

b) I wonder if Dirty girls have any pull, any clout with Stampin' Up!? If they do, the first thing I'm gonna do after being revealed is call them and demand they bring Wild Wild West back! I hope! I hope!

c) I wonder when SU brings Wild Wild West back if I will get a complimentary set since I am Dirty! Snort! I hope! I hope!

d) I wonder if the words *Splitcoast Dirty Dozen* will take the place of *Naughty Hall of Fame* in the moniker under my avatar? I hope! I hope!

e) I wonder how I am gonna get the the Photographer to understand that now that I am Dirty and must make Dirty cards, he must take Dirty photgraphs! Yikes, maybe I better re-phrase that!

f) I wonder if Dirty girls get a life time complimentary supply of black and white polka dotted stamping supplies and home decor items? I hope! I hope!

g) I wonder if my fellow CCEEer's will remember our conversation over a year ago when they nic-named me Gertie, that they made me promise to refer to myself as Dirty Gertie in my introduction post if I ever ended up in the Dirt pile?

h) I wonder if when I step into the Dirty galleries I will automatically gain the talent, creativity and ability of all past and present Dirty Girls? I hope! I hope!

3. So there you have it, that's what ran through my mind! I'm not gonna tell you how long I've been stamping, instead I am gonna tell you how long I have been a member of SCS (Since April of 2006)! Why? Because that 23rd day in April of 2006 is the day I became an addicted, crazed and outta control, full-fledged stamper person!

4. I have been married to the Photographer for 34 years and I have a really great kid who is 23 years old and loving life! (Probably because he's not at home and on his own!)

I am very excited about this opportunity and am grateful to have been asked! Flattered and surprised too! I hope I can manage to make a card now!! One last thing, thank you all for making SCS the wonderful place it is!