Cindy Lyles - starlitstudio
I consider it an extreme high honor to be asked to participate in the Dirty Dozen. I will do my best to put forth my best work and answer any questions along the way to the best of my ability. I can not thank the Noltas and everyone involved with this site enough. I firmly believe this is THE BEST site for the novice and expert stamper alike. There is nothing else on this Earth like

Both my parents were/are avid hobbyists. While growing up in the back-woods of PA farm country we washed sheep fleeces, carded the wool, spun on spinning wheels (had 2) and wove the spun fleeces (had 2 very large floor looms) into clothing….for FUN. My mom, my brother and I would demo at craft fairs spinning wool, basketry, you name it. I could spin on a great wheel (a very large spinning wheel) easily because I am ambidextrous. Mom made nearly all our clothing and our Halloween costumes every year.

At a very young age, I would delight in making pop-up cards and decorating the door to my room seasonally, using paper, colored pencils, markers and tape, or in the Pac-Man grid using paper circles cut with a compass as my template. I remember cutting the ghosts out of cardboard then using it as a template on construction paper so they would all be identical. I have loved paper and paper crafts since I can remember.
I became a stay-at-home-mom (or CEO of the house, as I prefer to call it) a year after my first child was born. For almost a decade previously I worked for international collectible companies in the product development area. For my last employer I specifically worked on their porcelain and vinyl collectible doll lines, and a massive dollhouse or two.

I have lived in Pennsylvania for 17 years, Florida for 12 and New Jersey, currently, for seven. Yes, that makes me 29 (lol!). My dear wonderful husband and I have three beautiful children, and we just celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary. I could not wish for a better life.

I currently run three businesses: I am a professional balloon twister for corporate events only (pro for four years but have been twisting for six years:; I create custom-designed jewelry for various boutiques here in NJ and in PA as well as friends, acquaintances and neighbors; and I run an eBay store specializing in 7gypsies embellishments for the altered book arena

I have always had rubber stamps or made my own with large erasers. I found Stampin' Up! in 1992, and became a demo in 1993. The quality and high-standards of the company truly impressed me and continues to do so.