Cindy Lawrence - One Happy Stamper
New Hampshire
Hey everyone! Can you believe it?! Me? ...a part of the famed Dirty Dozen?! When Jenn called, I must admit I was completely dumb-founded. When she told me why she was calling…my heart skipped a beat. Like Sally Field, I wanted to yell, “You LIKE me! You really LIKE me!”, but all I could manage was a pathetic, squeaky “yes”.

A little bit about me… I’ll be 39 in two weeks, and I live with my amazing husband, Jim, in beautiful New Hampshire. We have been blessed with four children, Steve (19), Ben (17), Nick (11), and Abbi (8), who keep us hopping all the time. My husband owns a successful electrical business, and we are all actively involved in our local church, and outreach missions to Haiti. We love our crazy, busy life!

In early 1998 I was introduced to stamping through a friend’s SU workshop. I attended that workshop just to support my friend, as I thought “stamping” sounded like a pretty lame-o excuse for a hobby. {grin} Nearly one year later I signed up with SU!, and it’s been 10 fabulous years. God has blessed me with a successful business, allowing me my dream of being a sahm. I am also incredibly blessed with a fabulous support system of downline, sidelines, and uplines. These are some of the most wonderful women on the planet, and I love them to the moon and back!

I discovered SCS in March of 2004 and was instantly addicted. I just gotta have my SCS *fix* every day. I admit it…I was one of those *silent stalkers* for a long time. It wasn’t until May of this year, when I discovered the challenges that I really came out of the shadows. I’m so glad I did! My stamping style has grown and evolved so much in the short time that I’ve been participating. I’ve also met so many incredibly sweet and talented online friends through SCS. I’m so thankful for this amazing community.

I am SO unbelievably excited and honored to serve you for the next six months! I promise to do my very best to create projects that will inspire you the way you have all inspired me. Thank you so much for this great honor! I am truly One Happy Stamper!