Carolyn King - Cammie
Georgetown, TX
As most of those who came before me, I was pretty surprised to be asked to serve on the dirty dozen. I actually never thought I would be asked…there are so many amazing stampers out there and it blows my mind that anyone would think of me for something like this. It feels like yesterday when I posted my first card on SCS….waiting by the computer to see if anyone actually liked it. And, I remember looking at the cards posted by so many on this site, trying to figure out how they got their cards to look so good. Because of this, I really wanted to be able to do something to give back to SCS because I am certain that 99.9% of what I know now, I learned from everyone here. But most importantly, I have met so many wonderful friends here---some of whom I have had the opportunity to meet and many others whom I have never met but still consider my dear friends.

I am the mother of three fantastic children: Cara (12.5), Ben (6), Lauren (3.5). My husband is an anesthesiologist in the army. We are currently on our third (and final) army assignment. Before our first move, I was a public relations director on the east coast. When, we learned that our first post was across the country, I realized I needed to be home for my children so I gave up my career to be a stay at home mom. Being so far from friends and family, I began searching for a good creative outlet. I began with scrapbooking and then began stamping three and a half years ago. I NEVER in a million years could have imagined that this hobby would become such a big part of my life. I am so fortunate to work some of the greatest stamp companies and publications out there. Stamping gives me something of my own and I really LOVE it.

Why Cammie? My SCS sign on name is my family nickname. When I first signed up, I was hesitant to use my real name, so I chose to use the nickname that I grew up with and that my family still calls me—Cammie. I am one of eight children and we all had nicknames growing up and some of us could never shake them!

I am excited to begin this adventure. Thank you Jenn and SCS for the honor of being part of this amazing gallery.