Carolina Buchting - craftycaro
San Jose
I received a message from Jenn asking me if I had time to chat about something. A week or so before I had joined the CAS Design Team here on SCS so I thought, oh no, I screwed something up. So funny my mind went to that right away and didn’t even think it had anything to do with the reason Jenn wanted to chat which was to invite me to be part of the Dirty Dozen – aack, me? I said yes right away. I am so honored and thrilled to be asked and so completely jazzed to be amongst such an amazing, talented group of artists.

I met my husband and best friend in high school and started dating short after his graduation (he was a year ahead of me in school). Six years later we were married and have been happily together for almost 21 years. We don't have any children but devoted to our nephew and newly arrived niece.

I have a BA in Art and minor in Women Studies, but I have been crafting in one form of medium or another for as long as I can remember. I was fortunate enough to have two amazing ladies, my grandmothers, foster my creative side from a very young age. My paternal grandmother was into fashion, traveling, home decor, and pretty much anything hip and fashionable...she was a trendsetter with the best of them. My maternal grandmother was a florist, a magnificent cook, a baker, a seamstress, and had a never-ending love for books. So growing up around these two wonderful women made me the woman I am today.

I just want to thank Jenn again for such an amazing opportunity, thanks to all the Dirty Girls for such a warm welcome, and thanks in advance to all of you for taking the time to check out my projects and cards…hope they bring you inspiration!