Carla Fink - Covington Crafter
Covington, WA
I feel like it's my birthday, Christmas and the 4th of July combined to be here! Like so many others, I thought Lydia's pm was about anything except an invitation to be part of the Dirty Dozen. I opened it late at night and everyone here was asleep. And that's the only thing that kept me running through the house screaming OMG, Me a Dirty Girl! Truth moment, I jumped up and down silently screaming OMG, Me a Dirty Girl for a few minutes. I'm still pinching myself to see if this fantastic opportunity and honor are real.

A little about me. I live in Covington, Washington, about 36 miles south and slightly east of Seattle, that's why I'm Covington Crafter. With the exception of two years, I've lived in the Seattle area my entire life and love the Pacific NW. I married my high school sweetheart just over 43 years ago. We have three children, and our family has grown with their spouses/fiancee and two beautiful grandsons. I'm fortunate that my hubby supports me in all my hobbies. He has a basket on the bedside table overflowing with the cards I've made him. That's the highest compliment anyone can receive!

I credit my parents with my love for crafting. Mom never met a craft she didn't like and her craft closet proved it! She sewed, decorated cakes, quilled, had beautiful calligraphy skills, the list goes on and on. Dad carved, made furniture, was an avid rock hound and created beautiful jewelry. They passed that love of crafting and talent for seeing beauty in the unexpected on to their children.

The seeds of paper crafting were sewn early. It started with color books and paper dolls. I hung over Mom's shoulder while she read McCall's magazine, impatient for her to get past the Betsy McCall paper doll page so I could get busy with the scissors. And not much could beat the joy of new crayons and a color book! But sewing was my main hobby. I started sewing doll clothes and by 13 I was sewing my own clothes. It was a creative and productive hobby that saw me through the next 40 years. However, between family and a full time job, more sewing projects sat on the shelf uncompleted. I started looking for a way to be creative in a short time frame. In my quest for a new hobby, I started looking past the fabric at craft stores and was drawn to the stamping supplies. It seemed like an inexpensive hobby with fairly quick results and I got to color.

I found my way to Splitcoaststampers through a Pinterest link. Didn't take long for me to be hooked! So many gorgeous cards, so much inspiration and so many fabulous people! Although I joined in 2011, it wasn't until I retired in early 2015 that I uploaded my first card. Then I found the challenges and went from participating to hosting.

I am so grateful to be part of this warm, supportive community and am excited to be part of the Dirt Pile for the next six months. Color me Happy!!