Cambria Turnbow - Cambria
North Bend, OR
Hi, my name is Cambria, and I am a stamp-a-holic! I attended my first workshop when a good friend of mine asked me to host a party in 1997. She drove down from Washington to show me this stuff called Stampin' Up! I invited all my friends over and was hooked from the first huff! I remember my first card. . .markers on the stamp, huff, stamp on glossy! I was SO hooked! We started a hostess club and faithfully bought more and more stuff. Over the years, my friend kept encouraging me to become a demo, but I always declined. I was happy just being a good customer!

I have been married (sixteen years this June!) to a wonderful man who tolerates my addiction. I have four children who are the loves of my life! My oldest son Sheldon is eleven and will start the sixth grade in September. I have twin fraternal boys, Jayce and Baylor, who are seven and going into the second grade. They are my fertility baby boys! I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease which made it difficult to ovulate, so after years of fertility treatments, I feel so blessed to have them. After getting my insulin levels normal (part of PCOS), I was surprised with a baby girl in August 2002! Talk about a shock! Just when the twins were starting Kindergarten (thinking of all the time I could stamp!), I had a baby again! Averie is a total blessing! My family is complete! (Tubes are tied. . . four is good!)

When my daughter was around ten months old, I decided to take the plunge and become a demonstrator. Well, I was going to just sign up for the discount, and then start a business when my life settled down. I found that life doesn't settle down when you have four kids! My upline started me out by letting me take over the hostess club in the area (who are all great friends) and I've gone from there. Picking up new customers who are now new friends, and stamping any chance I get! It really is therapy for me after a long day, once the kids are all tucked in, to be able to sit (sometimes with a good friend), get creative, and just stamp. Stampin' to keep my sanity, I say. . . .

That's me. . . love my family, love my friends, love my stamping!