Bridget Finlay - bfinlay
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Thankfully Lydia is a sweet person and a very understanding site administrator, otherwise she might have been offended when I responded to her message asking if I wanted to be part of the Dirty Dozen saying “are you sure you’ve got the right person?” I feel like I could learn from all the talented stampers on this website for years and years to come before I’d be ready for this!

I’m originally from the Alaska, where I grew up, but have been living in Belfast, Northern Ireland for the past 25 years. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom but also has all the great characteristics of this beautiful island of Ireland!

I came to work here for a summer with a local misson and met my Northern Irish husband who was part of their staff. We’re now involved in Bible teaching, studies and counseling with churches and individuals. We have two sons, 21 and 16 years old, and one little dog, adopted from a rescue center five years ago. I’ve always enjoyed creating, whether it was cake decorating, knitting, embroidery, or any type of crafting. I also love people and finding ways to encourage them, and sending cards definitely fits the bill! I started making them about 8 years ago with bits and pieces I had on hand and then during a visit to Alaska my cousin introduced my mother and I to Stampin' Up! products. I remember finding it hard to get to sleep after looking through my first catalog, my head was so full of all the fabulous colors, papers and images. Not much has changed, I still find my head full of ideas, long before I spread all my “stuff” out on my dining room table where I work. I browsed the galleries at SCS for quite a while before I got brave enough to upload, but it was when I started participating in the daily challenges that I really started getting to know people. Finding SCS has been so fun – with my mother and cousin living so far away, I don’t have any one close to me who is “into” it as much as I am – here I’ve found so many lovely friends who get excited over just the same things I do! I’m thankful for all the inspiration everyone has given me over the past few years and for this opportunity to join the Dirt Pile!