Brent Scheffer - brentscards
Hello! I am Brent Scheffer and known as brentsCards here on Splitcoaststampers. Living here in a suburb of Houston has turned hectic with its growth in population over last decade. This card business is one hobby since I have retired. I also help my wife with the care giving responsiblilities of our special needs son who has autism and lives with us.

I joined the USAF right after college and was eventually stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi MS where we had our daughter. I transferred to Texas with my wife and daughter to complete my military obligation.

I was not good at drawing in public school, but thought I could see what I wanted in my head but not get in on paper. My handwriting was messy (kind a like a doctor) but I could do hand lettering on white poster for science fair. I did enjoy the a few art courses while I was young.

My career progressed with NASA in computer programming, statistics, project management, and IT security until retirement.

"What am I to do?" I looked around Linkedin to see what other math/science majors were doing. Some were doing cards. I deeply appreciate matching and contrasting colors. I already knew that scissors and colored pencils are not my best friends. But I really enjoyed using the computer. I began looking for products with little issues with displaying produced products on Internet. Later I settled on Inkscape which works well with me but has a long learning curve.

Thanks to SCS and Inkscape, I discovered I have right brain too such some creativity (and growing). SCS has been such a creative outlet for me. But I realize at least for my case, I will always be a student of card creation via graphics software. I can draw much better with a mouse on the appropriate graphics supplication than a writing instrument.

One thing I learned from my science fair days was to lightly line objects with black marker to help the objects stand out from the background from each other.

The process of participating in challenges helps improve my work.

I thank the folks who influenced my selection to be part of this esteemed team.