Bonnie Ratzloff - raduse
Merced, CA
First, and foremost, I am so thrilled to have been asked to join the Dirty Dozen! I was floored reading Lydia's invite and message. I truely thought I would never end up as part of the team. Especially since I deal with chronic migraines, fibromyalgia and lung issues which have kept me out of the galleries, and challenges, more than I would have liked over the years.

So, I am Bonnie Ratzloff and you know me here as raduse. I've been asked over the years how did I come up with raduse. Well, I used to be a limited permit X-ray tech for a chiropractor's office before going to work for one of the local hospitals as their outpatient/inpatient exam/special procedure scheduler since I only had a limited permit and not a full x-ray license. Have I regretted giving up my It served me well over the years helping me as the department scheduler and gave me a better understanding of what exams went with what diagnosis and why. It also helped me with maintaining the departments scheduling, order entry, and radiology modules to the hospital's computer program. I stopped working in 2011 when my migraines finally got the best of me and became disabled because of them.

I've been stamping since 1993 when a friend asked me to come to her D.O.T.S, now Close To My Heart, stamping party she was hostessing. I fell in love with the stamps and the idea of making my own Christmas cards thinking it would be a cheaper, more personal, alternative to buying them in the stores. Ha! Who was I kidding? I still have that first D.O.T.S. stamp all of these years later. I learned of Stampin Up from a co-worker on the night shift, at the hospital, when he gave me an invitation his wife received to a Stampin Up party given by one of the respiratory therapists. Needless to say, I loved what I saw in the Stampin Up catalog and signed up to be a demo until my husband had to stop working due to his health and all of his medical bills started piling up. My radiology director had said I did day shift at the hospital; then went home for 2nd and 3rd shifts there. Through all of this, stamping continued to be my relaxation, sanity, and escape. I found SCS by accident in 2004 and have learned so much from all of the stampers, tutorials and enabling here.

Fortunately, my husband is VERY supportive of my craft and has been known to be a bigger enabler than any advertising campaign. More than once he's put stuff back into my cart after I had taken it out. He's definitely a keeper. In fact, we'll be married for 30 years at the end of December. I do have 2 children who used to stamp with me when they were little until hanging out with mom was no longer cool. I wouldn't say I have a preferred style of stamping. It's mostly just whatever fits my mood and inspiration at the time, although, I do love snarky stamps/images. I also love gnomes, lighthouses and Thomas Kinkade stamps since they remind me of my late mother and grandfather. I also am probably one of the few that don't own a Misti or electronic die cutter. I have been fussy cutting all of these years with the exception of the occasional die/embossing folder going thru my big shot.

I hope you find as much inspiration from my creations as I have found from everyone's on SCS over the years.