Birgit Edblom - Biggan
It´s so overwhelming and exciting for me to be on the Dirty Dozen team!! When Lydia asked me if I wanted to be one of the Dirty Dozen I was so surprised and happy but also unsure if I could do it, it isn´t easy to describe and express oneself in a foreign language, but after one day I said YES, please!

I found this place some years ago and I´m so impressed with all the nice, talented and generous people here! I remember when the very kind Vicky Gould told me about Dirt pile and thought that I would be there one day….I looked in my dictionary and got anxious that I had done something Now I´m there and I´m so honored and grateful!

My name is Birgit Edblom, Biggan is my nickname at SCS and is also my pet name so it doesn´t mean I´m a big lady! I live in the north of Sweden and I´m teaching Sociology and Psychology at an upper secondary school. I still love my work after 30 years. Working with young people gives me opportunity to broaden my mind and learn many new things and hopefully I give them something useful too!
I live with my man and have three grown-up sons and two grandchildren, Emil and Klara, they have given my life a new dimension! I like to do a lot of things, from interpreting the meanings of dreams to driving a snowmobile! I also like to read novels and listen to music when time permits.

I´ve always loved handicraft, lace making, weaving and knitting! I discovered scrapbooking/card making five years ago and I think this hobby is so inspiring and relaxing. I love the daily challenges here, they give me opportunity to learn more and give me lots of inspiration.

Thanks to Lydia and all of you on SCS and I promise to do my very best!

Birgit Edblom/Biggan