Beverly Moeller - sos
Burlington, KY
Hi, I'm Beverly and I'm addicted to stamping and scrapbooking! I've been stamping for almost two years. Never having hosted any kind of home party in my life, I became a demonstrator shortly after I stamped the first time because I wanted everything in the catalog. Since that time, I've turned my hobby into a part-time job and I've really had a lot of fun with it. A friend of mine that attended my very first workshop drove by my home one day and saw me helping a friend stamp at our kitchen table and suggested I teach classes. I did just that for about nine months and then my wonderful husband Kevin built me my very own stamping room in our basement because he was tired of all the messes! Now I teach classes several times a month in The Rubber Room!

Prior to being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator I had a fifteen-year career in public relations with a Fortune 500 company. I left that career during my last pregnancy, and now I'm a SAHM to three beautiful children (ages eight, three, and one). Even though I have no regrets, I certainly never knew raising my own children would be the hardest job I've ever had in my life! When I say I stamp for sanity, I MEAN it!

Besides stamping, I'm an avid reader. I'm a proud member and leader of The Binding Times Book Club at my church. Being a SAHM to three small children, I have to use my time creatively so I usually get only an hour or so each night to read. Like my music, I enjoy reading a wide variety of subjects and authors. I'm a speed reader and read over a hundred books a year!

I'm also a member of the Cinnamon Ridge Bunco Club! I'd never heard of Bunco before we moved to Kentucky and now I can't get enough! In the three years since we started I think I've only missed one month and that was because I'd had a baby and was in the hospital!

Photography is another hobby and now that I'm scrapbooking I love it even more! I can actually visualize my pictures on pages while I'm taking them. Since I'm only 8 years behind in scrapbooking, I think I'm going to have to give up some reading time (or house cleaning) to get ahead on this project!

My husband and I are both from Indiana and take trips often to see all our family. We are very blessed to vacation once a year with our extended family and our children enjoy spending a week at the beach with all their cousins. Mama enjoys not having to cook every night, being able to take tons of pictures, play Bunco with the family, read a few books and thank God for all life's blessings!