Bev Gerard - TexasGrammy
Copper Canyon, TX
Recently, I opened an email ...

“No! This can’t be so!” I didn’t know whether to breathe, or cry, or jump up & down! Wait … surely just a dream. When I found my breath and my phone, I called Lydia … … and she answered, laughing out loud! She made me laugh, but my tears were literally leaping off my face … I think Lydia could possibly hear them splashing on the phone. Silly little fact: I used to know exactly how many dirty girls I had met IRL, seriously! Summary? I am beyond honored to be here in the Dirt Pile. Oh .. my .. goodness! Thank you big bunches, Ms. Lydia!!

In real life, I’m Bev Gerard, a.k.a. TexasGrammy, wife, Mom, Mimi, friend, Tex. Every one of those ‘hats’ defines a special part of me. I’ve been married over 36 years, and we’re blessed with a son, a daughter, and 4 precious Grands. Hubby & I shared many dates with fishing poles and bait-in-hand before we married and began to raise our little family. I grew up in small-town Oklahoma, spending some of my favorite younger years on a farm. Even though I’m a “city girl” now, I try never to forget those sweet roots. In fact, many of my 28 hometown classmates & I still try to get together periodically for laughs and “catch-ups”. They’re like brothers & sisters to me in many ways. Sandwiched between early years and now, I’ve taught 1st Grade, Kindergarten, and Reading Recovery.

Creativity is something I’ve explored much of my life but I honestly consider myself to be a “dabbler”. It started with mud pies baked carefully on a hot Oklahoma sidewalk, sewing, playing piano, cross-stitching, pouring & firing ceramics … but I’ve never been able to draw. For those of us who cannot draw, it’s rubber stamps to the rescue! My daughter, Jessica, is responsible for having introduced me to stamping. With curious eyes I watched as she trimmed her first SU stamp set, then began to play with her brand new olive & eggplant inks. Well, that’s all it took. Consider me “sold”! Later, I named myself TexasGrammy when I joined SCS (again, found by my DD). At that time DH & I were still “in waiting” for our first little ones to arrive within a couple of months. Who knew the littles would choose to speak “Mimi” instead of “Grammy”!

Needless to say, this past month has been a true roller-coaster of emotion. I hope to feel a lot more comfy and settled soon, and I plan to totally savor every moment of this unexpected creative journey to the fullest. I owe many untold “thanks” to Lydia and my countless “mentors” a.k.a. teachers and sharing friends from right here at our treasured SCS!

~ Bev