Becca Feeken - Becca Stamps
Panama City, FL
Up popped a message from Jenn asking me to give her a call! The first thing I thought was, what did I do wrong? I had recently had a question on multiple posts and I thought perhaps she liked how quickly I could hit the enter key to generate 15 of the same posts. When she asked if I wanted to join the Dirty Dozen, I thought I would faint away. For the next three days I walked around asking “Me?” “Really?” I have lurked on Splitcoast for many years and finally got up the gumption last year to start a new account and begin actively posting. The act of posting that first card put me on a marvelous journey that given me some confidence and has brought me a wonderful group of friends. Little did I know how rewarding it would be call myself a member of this community.

I’ve been stamping for more than 10 years – or rather I should say “collecting”. My job with a large hotel company kept me traveling the better part of every month, with little crafting time other than to make a cute quick card for an occasion here or there. Leaving my job 2 years ago to take care of my husband and making the leap to a stay-at-home-mom helped me refocus and devote some of my free time to this addicting hobby. I set a goal to use what I have and ink any un-inked stamps in the cabinet. I have a long way to go but I want to go a long way; I’m no longer a collector!

I couldn’t be more blessed which such good friends and a marvelous family. I’ve been married for 26 years and have a family of giants to prove it. I’m the shortest in the family at 5’ 10’ tall and have three children that tower over me and remind me that I need them…if for nothing else, to get things down from the cabinets. Lauren (23), Jordan (18) and Marissa (17) keep me busier these days, than when they were small; two are in college and one is a senior in high school. They make me prouder that I could ever describe in words and give me huge dose of support every day..that is with their Dad, Enabler in Chief.

Jenn, thanks so much for this unbelievable opportunity – I look forward to getting Dirty and getting to know all the Dirty Girls. I know I will grow and thrive here and just hope that the traces I leave behind will help to inspire.