Barbara Anders - Bar
Southern Virginia
Dreams really do come true! I know this because I’ve been dreaming of becoming a Dirty Girl for a long time and suddenly, I am!! It seems so funny to call myself a Dirty Girl—I’ve always been so inspired by the Dirty Dozen team and it was something I really never expected to happen to me despite my dreams. To say I’m excited sounds just so lame! I have been about to burst with excitement since I got “the PM” and then the phone call from Lydia. I was at work when she called and after a little chatter she nonchalantly asked me if I wanted to join the Dirty Dozen. I was so stunned I screamed “No way!” and threw my pen across my office!!! I’m still black and blue from pinching myself, but here I am so it must be true.

OK, a little about me. I grew up in the Tidewater area of Virginia and I’ve been crafting for as long as I can remember. Both of my parents loved to make things with their hands and I grew up thinking that was normal. After high school I went to nursing school and have been actively working full time since I graduated, and am currently a nurse manager for a home health agency. I married my best friend, John, when he graduated from college and I from nursing school. We just celebrated our 41st anniversary and he fully supports my paper craft “habit”. John is a retired high school Spanish teacher and I hope to retire after one more year. We live in South-Central Virginia with our 9 indoor only cats that often “help” me create wink

Over the years I’ve done a little paper crafting but about five years ago I started a little scrapbook. While looking online for some layout ideas, I came across some blogs, which in turn led me to SCS. Well, as they say, the rest truly is history. I was immediately fascinated and started buying a few stamps and supplies at craft stores. Then I searched out a SU! demonstrator who really introduced me to the wonderful world of stamping and card making and I jumped in with both feet—starting a blog and uploading to my SCS gallery. Since then I’ve branched out and have had the awesome good fortune to be able to design for a couple of fabulous companies. Most importantly, though, through this craft I’ve met some of the most talented and amazing people—people that I am proud to call “friend”.

A million thanks to Lydia and SCS for this incredible honor. I’m excited, and yes, more than a little nervous, about my first month on the Dirt Pile. But I know it’s going to be a fun ride for me, and if I can provide a little inspiration in the process, then it’s double good.