Anne Harada - itsapassion
Fort Worth, Texas
Lydia and I are old "virtual" friends, I've followed her work on SCS, FB, and Pinterest for years. Years! So when she emailed to say she wanted to talk to me about a tutorial or something like that, I believed her. It was like talking to a BFF when she called. We chatted a bit about a tutorial and then she threw in the ole "when you're posting your work for Dirty Dozen" comment. What a kidder that Lydia. Say what? It really is kind of surreal; in my head I was thinking "is this really happening" and in the back ground all I heard was Lydia saying wah, wah wah, wah wah. I'm sure it was important but I was still busy processing the words "Dirty Dozen".

So my life as a stamper began years and years ago, probably around 15 or so by now, after my hubby Carl and I moved to Texas. My little craft stash that I was so proud of became my craft corner, my craft room, my craft studio, and now it's spilling out over into the guest bedroom, the closets, the garage. I know you can relate. I just love making things. And I hate parting with the things that make me happy. Don't judge me. It's rare for me to get rid of anything!

My hubby Carl is a saint, he supports and encourages me in my passion and sacrifices many a weekend along with his mighty brute strength to build and move and hang things for me in my craft space. We are raising two sweet pups (my "Goobers") and I have a granddog as well - she lives with our daughter, Leslie, in Dallas.

It's a thrill and an honor for me to join the talented SCS "Ladies of the Dirt". Many of the Dirty Dozen alumni are close (again virtual) friends that I met here and have been friends with ever since. I spent most of my formative stamping years on SCS and it means the world to me to be a part of the family and give back to this community! It is my home sweet "stamping" home and I am overjoyed to be an inductee into the Dirt Pile!!

Even though I consider myself a "soft and subtle" kinda gal, my work always tends to be much more "bold and bright". I love texture and dimension and I especially love paper-shaping ("toile") flowers, leaves and botanicals. It's sort of "my thing"! Currently I design for Heartfelt Creations and contribute to Frantic Stamper Inc. Design Team. I hope you'll find inspiration in the work I do, it is an honor for me to share with you the cards and projects that I've made.