Angela Thomas - jellybean74
Nanaimo, BC
WOW!!! I have my shovel and my gardening gloves and I'm ready to get dirty!!! I'm still in shock weeks later that I am a dirty girl!!! WOW!! Pinch me, please!! This is a dream that's become reality and I'll admit I was floored when I received an email from Lydia asking me if she had my current email addy. I instantly thought "did I do something from here at SCS?". We emailed back and forth (each email was literally one sentence) and she asked me if I could keep a secret. Umm, yeah of course I can!! The next email was my invitation to Dirty Dozen and I looked at that email in shock and quickly replied YES!! I may have even said Ohmygoodness more than once or twice with a few squeeeeeeeees mixed in.

I live in Nanaimo, BC on beautiful Vancouver Island and can't imagine living anywhere else. Although this Canadian girl lived down south in North Carolina for three years teaching Math in a Middle School. I am currently a Teacher on Call aka a substitute teacher. In my spare time, you can find me in my craft cave looking at all my stamping pretties and colouring away my evenings. Like so many of us, I started stamping after attending an SU party with my best friend Kim aka "blondie090277". I quickly convinced her to help me make my wedding invitations and the rest is history. I discovered SCS early in my stamping and can't imagine my life without it. It's my daily dose of inspiration.

I'm so excited to be here in the dirt pile!!! Let the fun begin!!