Amy Sheffer - PickleTree
Northern Virginia
Greetings from the dirt pile! WOW!!!! I am so honored and humbled to join this amazing group of stampers! It was 11:30 at night when I read Jenn's email asking for my phone number so we could "chat." I spent the next couple of hours all keyed up going back and forth between "It can't be" and "what else can it be?" By the next afternoon, it was official -- Jenn really did invite me to join the Dirty Dozen. And today, I really am a dirty girl!

A little about me ... My name is Amy Sheffer, and I am wife to a wonderful husband, Terry, and mom to our three children, Cole (almost 8), Adrienne (almost 5), and Gabriel (15 months). Home for us is a semi-rural community in Northern Virginia on the far outskirts of Washington, DC. My husband and I met right after college, were married a few years later, and will celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary in November.

I'm currently a stay-at-home mom, but my background is in publishing. I was both a reporter and a paste-up person for a newspaper right out of college. Then I worked as an editor for a national political magazine for a few years. Before I left the corporate world to raise my children, I was working in online content development and marketing/advertising for America Online. I share all this because it's funny to look back on my career history and realize just how much I've always been involved in arranging words and pictures on paper (or the computer screen).

I've actually been artsy and crafty all my life. As a young child, it was a treat when my mom let my twin sister and I get out the paint-by-number kits. In high school, I was a collector of pretty stationery and colored pens and markers. I was tickled to death that I could actually get a college degree for doing the two things I loved best -- read books and play with art supplies (English major, Fine Arts minor)! Along the way, I've dabbled in everyting from painting and drawing to knitting and sewing. If there's a craft I don't like, I haven't discovered it.

I was introduced to stamping in the spring of 2002 when a friend invited me to a Stampin' Up! workshop. Before that, whenever I passed stamps in the craft stores, I always thought, "why in the world would anyone buy these things? I mean, it's just the same ol' image over and over again, for crying out loud." (I'm still discovering all the different things I can do with a single image!) By early 2003 I had become a demonstrator and I've been stamping ever since. I discovered SCS in the fall of 2003, but it took me until the Fall of 2007 to get brave enough to start a gallery here on SCS. Are you kidding?! I was too shy to even leave a comment! So yes, I was a completely silent lurker for four whole years! I started my blog, Pickled Paper Designs, at the same time I started my gallery, and to my delight, found that the big scary stamping world was not so big and scary after all! I have truly enjoyed discovering the community side of SCS. I am grateful for the friends I've made and thankful to all the members who make SCS what it is!

I've been a Fan Club member since the very beginning, so I've drooled over the DD gallery month after month after month for years. To be asked to join this group of esteemed stampers is truly a dream come true! I'm not sure one ever feels entirely "worthy" of such an honor, but I am certainly grateful for the opportunity to give back, in any way I can, to the community that has given me so much inspiration and encouragement. Thank you for the opportunity, Jenn! And thank you Fan Club!!