Spectrum Noir Marker

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Blend, shade and highlight your stamped images with alcohol markers created for crafting.


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  • >Alcohol ink based markers

  • >Broad chisel nib on one end, fine bullet tip on other

  • >A range of 168 beautiful colors

  • >Ink refills and replacement nibs available

Product Description

Manufacturer Description: Spectrum Noir is an alcohol based marker designed specifically for crafting. Each pen is double-ended and refillable, with a broad chisel nib for coloring large area fills and a fine bullet tip for detailed work. The entire range of 168 alcohol marker colors is available in 16 different sets (twelve sets of 6 markers and four sets of 24 markers). There are no duplication of markers between any of the sets. The twelve sets of 6 markers make up the core line of colors and are packed in tonally matched color combinations along with an essentials pack that includes true black, a blender and 4 other commonly used colors. The first three markers in each pack (lighter tones) and the remaining three colors (darker tones) were chosen to work well with each other to take the guesswork out of blending. The remaining four sets of 24 markers round out the color range and are sold in tonal packs; lights, brights, darks and pastels. Spectrum Noir markers were created to be used long term. They are not disposable. Each marker can be refilled with the available 25ml refill bottles of ink, and the nibs can be replaced if they become dull or worn. This key feature makes our range of alcohol markers not only the lower cost alternative, but a wise investment in any crafters' arsenal of products.

Learn more about the basic blending and highlighting using Spectrum Noir markers in this video:

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  1. Color, color, color!

    By Lori McAree

    One day a while back I received a surprise box full of lots of pretty markers. It was very exciting! I love to color so this was a fun review for me. The Spectrum Noir markers are a little different from what I am used to, but they are great. I found them easy to learn, and it didn’t take much time to do it.

    I really like the fine tip. I like how firm it is, very easy to get into very small areas without the color running. These markers only require a light touch for coloring large or small areas but for the smaller areas you barely need apply the marker to the paper. The color spreads so easily and whether you color in the circular motion or straight, you don’t really get lines. I also found blending was very easy. I did find I have to be careful with the blender pen (when I colored outside the lines), the ink from the stamped image seemed to change color a bit so I just need to watch how close I got the ink.

    I really enjoyed coloring with these pens and feel they are great, especially folks that are new to alcohol markers.

  2. Love at First Color

    By Amanda Havon

    Do you love brilliant and vibrant colors on your stamped images? I do too! Do you ever wish you could get that, but don't know how? Me too! I struggled with my coloring until I tried the Spectrum Noir markers from Crafter's Companion. I used to drool over everyone's cards with shading, depth, and layers of colors in the Splitcoaststampers gallery, wishing I could color like that. Now I can get that effect with the Spectrum Noirs.

    I was skeptical at first, even though I had heard only great things about them. I just thought they would be like other alcohol markers because they are alcohol based, but really, there is no comparison to me. The color goes on like buttered silk and the blending is flawless. Before trying the Spectrum Noirs I wasn't very confident in my coloring applications, but after watching the instructional DVD, Leann Chivers took the mystery out of coloring. These Noirs are really meant for blending and shading, and it was insanely easy.

    The markers are organized with an easy numbering system. Each package is a color family of six markers for blending and shading and is very economical.

  3. A Colorful Delight

    By Rose Ann Reynolds

    I was very excited when my package of Spectrum Noir markers arrived for review. I've been using other alcohol markers for a while, so it was nice to have an opportunity to try another type of alcohol markers to see how they perform.

    I received 12 of the six-piece marker sets, and that gave me a great deal of colors to work with. The markers have a square-shaped shaft which prevents them from rolling off your work space. I like having both a chisel and bullet tip option, and how the bullet tip end is marked.

    I didn't experiment with different card stock, or ink pads while trying these markers out for the first time, but I know there is a variety of ink and card stock brands that work well with alcohol markers. I used Neenah card stock, and Memento ink, which is what I've had success with in the past. You will also need a of scrap paper under your project while you're coloring, as you may get some ink bleed through. While coloring with Spectrum Noir markers, I noticed right away how nicely the colors flow onto the paper. They blended very well when shading and highlighting areas of my stamped images. The bullet tip is more rigid than the brush tip that I'm used to working with, but with a light touch, I was able to get into the smaller detailed areas of my stamp images just fine. As I was coloring, I realized I was over-saturating the paper a little, which caused some feathering of the ink. When I used a lighter hand, I had a much nicer result. The Blender pen worked great for fixing my little mistakes where I colored out of the lines.

    I'm a person who likes to have a lot of color choices, and there are other sets of Spectrum Noir markers that I don't have on the Crafter's Companion website. The prices are quite reasonable, so I will be adding some of those sets to my collection. I also found there are ink refills available, as well as replacement nibs for my markers. With these options available, I consider these markers a great investment for many more years of crafting fun.

  4. Fun with Colors!

    By Beate Johns

    I love to color, so when I received Spectrum Noir alcohol markers for this review I was excited.

    The markers have a square barrel which felt great when I held them. The caps of the markers have a color code, making it easy to identify colors and match them into blending families. As soon as I was ready to color images with markers, I printed out the color chart on the Spectrum Noir page and filled it out. It made picking colors to use so easy. I used Memento ink to stamp my images and Neenah Solar White cardstock, as well as Crafter's Companion's Premium cardstock. The markers worked well with the ink and on both papers.

    You do have to pull a bit to take the caps of the markers the first few times and in turn watch it, when you put the caps back on that they are all the way on. That gets easier the more you use them. I like the almost watercolor look you can achieve with these markers. I am amazed how affordable these markers are and love that you can refill them, as well as get new nibs.

    The markers come with a bullet tip on one end and a chisel tip on the other. I have been using only the bullet tip so far, and applying streak free coloring and blending is easy. The markers are well inked, so you do not need to apply much color to saturate the paper. You do have to be careful not to apply too much ink too fast, or the ink with feather outside the lines.

    I would definitely suggest these markers to anyone wanting to try out alcohol base markers. They are very affordable and fun to you. You don't have to play with them long too get the hang of them.

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Questions and Comments

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I am so glad that there was a video on spectrum markers i have alot of them already and wasn’t sure how to really use them properly. I hope there will be more videos or some website to go on to learn more .Thank you so much

laurakeidel   |  Fri Oct 5, 2012 at 1:55 PM

Thanks for the very informative tutorial.  I have just purchased these markers and trying to learn the best way to use them. 
Quick question ... I’m having trouble finding the individual refills for each individual colors (mainly IB1) any suggestions?  I couldn’t even find it at Crafter’s Companion!  It comes in one of the larger sets (pastels).
Thanks again!

Darlene Pavlick   |  Sat Mar 2, 2013 at 10:45 AM
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What you'll pay

Use coupon code SCSSN to enjoy 15% off of your order thru 10/31/12.

6 Pen sets $11.95 each
24 Pen sets $49.95 each
Ink refills $5.95 each
Nib refills (12 pk) $3.95 each
Blender Pen $2.95

Where to buy

You may purchase Spectrum Noir directly from Crafter's Companion.

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