Kreate-a-lope Mini Templates

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Create custom, one-of-a-kind packaging as special as the card you tuck inside with these easy-to-use card maker's envelope templates.


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  • >Quick and easy envelope templates

  • >Now in sizes especially for smaller cards and Project Life inserts

  • >No measuring, no tracing and no cutting

  • >Flat for convenient storage

  • >Durable material and vibrant labeling

Product Description

Manufacturer Description:

The Kreate-a-lope is a must-have tool for stampers, card makers and paper crafters of all kinds, but don't take our word for it. It is a past winner of Primedia's Most Innovative Product Award and CHA's Buyer's Choice Award (at the largest craft show in the world). It has been reviewed hundred of times on the top shopping channels earning 4.6 out of 5 stars on QVC and 4.5 out of 5 stars on HSN.

The secret is simple. No other template in the world is as easy, quick and fun to use while giving you total control of your images or stamped work. Your family and friends will be amazed at your one-of-a-kind creations.

Now you can use the award-winning template with Project Life pocket pages and cards, Instagram photos, Artist Trading Cards (ATC's), to accent gifts, for gift cards, to make money-velopes and more. The patented design helps you create one-of-a-kind envelopes in seconds without scissors, tracing, or measuring of any kind.

For more information about the Kreate-a-lope templates check out this video:

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  1. Kreating Kreative Envelopes

    By Amanda Havon

    I love Green Sneakers' Kreate-A-Lope templates!! I have tried their envelope templates before, but I really love the newest varieties! It's hard to pick my favorite from all the sizes, but I think it has to be the 5x5 size, it's the perfect fit for any handmade card! Their other new sizes and designs are the : 3x3, 3x4, 4x4, Business Envelope size, Business Card size and Money Envelope designs.

    Kreate-A-Lope is as easy to use as ever. First: place the template on your paper. Second: tear or cut the paper around the outside edge of the template. And, three: fold and glue the paper edges together! Voila! Done! Each of the templates are sturdy and flexible so they're practically indestructible, which I love because I can be hard on my crafting tools.

    I have always bought envelopes for my cards, mistakenly thinking it was easier and cheaper. But with the new Kreat-A-Lopes, I can make a card and a matching envelope, to further customize and personalize my handmade creations.

    I am glad to have Kreate-A-Lopes in my crafting tool kit, I know I will be using mine all the time! With all the numerous templates and sizes, you are sure to find one for each of your crafting needs.

  2. Kreate-Lope

    By Teresa Kline

    Well, Green Sneakers has done it again, more amazingly sized envelope templates! The sizes are perfect, lots of squares, a large envelope, and a fun money envelope. I am a huge fan of square cards, so these templates will be perfect for making a square card set. Like always these are easy to put together, it only takes a minute or! The templates are labeled with the envelope size on it, super smart.

    These envelope templates will make holiday gift giving easy; give a set of templates to the crafty person in your life or buy a set for yourself and create a gift card set for gift giving. Green Sneakers templates surely add to my creating possibilities and make it even more fun!

  3. Artful Envelopes

    By Michelle Giraud

    Usually when I make cards I forget about decorating the envelope, so they end up with a plain jane white invitation sized envelope. Getting a chance to play with the Kreate-a-lope envelope template sets really changed the way I looked at card making because for this week I made all my envelopes first, then a card to match. It was a fun turn-around!

    I love how many different sized templates are included in this set and how versatile they are. My favorite sizes were the business card, the 3x3 for Instagram prints, the ATC size, and the money envelope. Both the business card and the 3x3 are small enough to use with K&company (or other brands) 4.75" x 6.75" mat pads and leave enough paper left over for the matching card. This was perfect for me because I have a little addiction to these pads and have dozens of them! One pad will make a beautifully coordinated set of small note cards and matching envelopes in very little time; mine took about 45 minutes for a dozen cards.

    The best thing about the Kreate-a-lope template is it takes the measuring and calculating out of the process. I know how to cut custom envelopes, but I don't like to measure and calculate only to make a mistake then start over. The templates make it so easy that a beautifully handmade envelope will take you about a minute to create without all the fuss. The envelopes turn out to be just as much a work of art as the card itself!

  4. Fun Size Envelopes

    By Beate Johns

    Having worked with Green Sneaker templates before I knew I was in for a treat with this review. I love making square cards and one of my favorite card sizes is 3 1/2" x 5 1/2". The new templates we received are perfect for my those card sizes. Another great size we received was their business card/gift card envelope. Who doesn't have use for that, especially with the holidays coming up?

    As always, the templates are created out of very durable see through plastic. You can easily position and pick just the right spot on your patterned paper to showcase on the envelope front. Simply rip the paper on the edge of the template. I used both patterned paper and copy paper. As with all their templates, there are guidelines that let you know where the paper will overlap, as well as the finished size of the envelope, listed right on the template. Those features come in handy if you have several templates stacked together.

    I absolutely adore these templates. They make it easy to create custom envelopes for the unique sized cards that I love to create.

  5. Tuck Some Extra Love into Your Projects

    By Michele Boyer

    We all love handmade cards. What better way to present your card than in a coordinating envelope? With the Kreate-a-lope templates you can quickly and easily create envelopes in many different sizes. I received the Mini-Envelope assortment containing 3", 4" and 5" squares, a gift card size template, a standard business envelope and a money envelope (designed to hold US currency).

    Simply place the sizing template onto your patterned paper, line the hole in the template up where you would like the envelope front to be on the pattern and pull the paper up toward you to cleanly tear along the edges. (No scissors needed!) For card stock, simply trace around the template and cut. The kit comes with a separate plastic envelope template (in each size) to place in the center of each sizing template after you've torn or cut the appropriate size, creating the perfect base for folding the edges to form the pocket of the envelope. No scoring!

    I’m impressed by how quick and easy the envelopes come together, and I loved adding them to the front of my cards to hold extra embellishments or gift cards. I am certain I will be using the templates time and time again.

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This is amazing!  How fun~

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