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Glitter Painting  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create a sparkly image with glitter, stencils and double sided adhesive.
Glitter Puzzle  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Cut designs in double sided adhesive sheets to create a multi-colored glittery background.
Glitter Window  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Try this easy technique for a glittery focal point!
Glittered Stenciling  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Stencil a glittered pattern onto cardstock or a colored image.
Glowing Lights  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Get a glowing light effect with a white gel pen and pastels.
Grid Technique  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create a faux tile look and/or lovely backgrounds with your scoring tool.
Heated Copper Accents  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Die cut and heat copper sheeting for unique metal accents. Heat using a mini torch to achieve multi-colored patinas.
Herringbone  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create a unique background with thin patterned paper pieces.
Ink, Spray & Smash  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create a unique and colorful background with re-inkers, water and glossy cardstock.
Inking with Markers  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Learn how to use markers to ink up your stamps.
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