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Faux Letterpress with M-Bossabilities™  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Ink your M-Bossabilities folder before embossing your cardstock for rich, letterpress look.
Faux Linen  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Scratch glossy cardstock with sandpaper to create a Faux Linen look.
Faux Metal   [ gallery ]
Make your own metal embellishment with a few layers of embossing powder.
Faux Metal Figures  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Use foil tape to give a paper mache figure a vintage metal makeover.
Faux Mother of Pearls  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
A resist technique requiring just a few simple steps to create a shimmery background.
Faux Patina  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create a faux patina effect with an embossing folder and ink.
Faux Postage  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Print out our template, make a mask out of a window sheet and start producing remarkable faux postage cards.
Faux Sea Glass   [ gallery ]
Alter frosted glass to make it feel and look pitted as if it were rolling around in sand and salt as true sea glass.
Faux Shaving Cream   [ gallery ]
Create a marbled look on your stamped image.
Faux Silk  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Add softness to your image by stamping on tissue.
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