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Napkin Fold Card  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create a uniquely folded card with a few score lines.
Never-Ending Card  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create a four-faced interactive card for any occasion.
Note Holder  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create a small box to hold single note sheets.
Nugget Boxes   [ gallery ]
Personalize chocolate bars and boxes, too.
One Sheet ATC Book  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Make a fun mini album using a single sheet of cardstock.
One Sheet Box  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
One sheet of cardstock and a few folds make a box perfect for a tiny trinket.
Origami Box   [ gallery ]
Make a box with no cutting or adhesive.
Paper Bag Book  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create a mini book out of lunch bags.
Paper Beads  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create decorative beads out of paper and clear glaze.
Paper Bow  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Banish cheap plastic bows to the trash and make your own pretty package decor.
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