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Originally Posted by dshaffer1976 View Post
You won't pay duty on any orders from MFT, as long as whatever you order is manufactured in the US, Canada or Mexica (you can thank NAFTA for that). What you might get a bill for is taxes....and then a fee for them collecting the taxes. Generally speaking, anything under $65 likely won't get dinged, but there are exceptions to every rule. This is the rule for all packages coming into the country no matter how they are shipped. The Canada Post fee for collecting these taxes is $10 I believe.

I'm lucky, and live 40 minutes from the border, and there is a store just on the other side that does big business as a delivery address and holding store for Canadians. I order from every release (in this past year anyway) and I have never, ever paid duty...and I've had orders in the $300 range, and sometimes I co-ordinate so that I'm not only picking up MFT, but also other stuff. The only thing I've ever had to pay was HST.

I can tell you that I was one of those unlucky people whose order was lost in USPS land. It's horrible! And shipping to me (I'm in Northern Ontario) was always 3- 5 weeks, which is why I changed to shipping in the US. It's a nice drive, and even though I likely don't save any money, if you figure in my gas costs, I order on Tuesday night and it generally arrives the following Monday. Can't beat that super quick shipping!

Thanks for the info, I'll have to remember that for next time and order to my home addy.
I had mine sent to my attention at work, and I got my package super quick, but was hit with a $45 customs clearing fee - yikes!
I might look at having my packages sent to our Denver office and when our head honchos go there on weekly business, they can bring them back for me
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