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For any Release Party Newbies, we thought a little Frequently Asked Questions post was in order....

First of all, welcome we're glad to see you here! Just remember, the thread moves fast and none of us can REALLY read everything, so just go at your own pace and jump in when you'd like to.

Here are the rules:
1.) Have fun
2.) Chat if you feel like it

Easy enough, right?

Oh My Goodness! I keep getting emails each time this thread is updated? What's up with that? Make it stop!

Go to the first page of this thread, and you will see little boxes just above. One of which says "Thread Tools" you'll want to click on that, then click on "unsubscribe from this thread" that will cease any email alerts!

How do I refresh my screen to see the latest posts?

The techies in the house have told us control/R or command/R will allow you to refresh your screen. If your computer has an F5 key, that will also work.

I heard there wil be Prizes?!
I will be giving away FIVE prizes tonight. Each one is a $20 voucher and I will send them out TONIGHT.

The first correct answer wins. Please don't edit your posts once you have submitted an answer. I will quote the winner and congratulate you and offer further instructions for you to claim your prize.

What time can we shop?

The new releases will be available at 10pm EST.

I keep hearing people talk about the TLC Club. What is that?
Why are some people shopping at nine?

Every customer who has spent $200 or more in the past twelve months automatically qualifies to become a TLC Member. A membership is valid until the end of the year in which it became effective. In January of the next year we look at your balance of the past year. Is it still above $200 you keep your membership for another year. If not, your membership expires.
Your balance however doesn't expire. We keep looking back over a full year's period. Placing a small order might be enough to re-qualify.

When you hit the $500 mark in a year, your club membership can't expire anymore, not in a lifetime! You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!!

TLC Members can shop the new release items at 9pm EST, one full hour earlier than the general public!

You can read the FULL details of our TLC Club here
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