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Originally Posted by Inkin One View Post
Ladies you have inspired me..especially always have great wisdom ! I am not feeling great right now ( ear/sinus infection I think ..have a Dr. apt. tomorrow) so I will probably start "Operation Get Rid Of" next week. It is really better for me to break it up into areas of the color desk..closets etc.
Sheepish confession here
I actually purged a TON of stuff earlier this year..but for some reason it got put in the garage instead of being taken somewhere else..and when I found it ..I brought it all back in.( that just proves DeeAnn's point about putting into the car and taking in THEN ) LOL Haven't used it..but for some reason I brought it all back. I think for me getting rid of all this crap makes me realize how much money I have wasted..not spent but wasted. Because if you don't use it, it is a total waste of money. I hate to waste but I think it is time to face facts..I wasted A LOT of money in the begining and now sub-par products that don't fit my "style" are sucking the life out of my mojo. Time to get it gone..
Hugs InkinOne! Thank you. If it makes you feel better I have an art studio and then an art desk out in the living room. My DH is house hunting for us right now so he can build a very large art studio for himself. I don't want a long arm quilter in my art studio or a kiln. Yes, I am unreasonable, ROFL!

When my DS moved away my DH said "Quick, take him room and turn it into an art studio before he thinks of moving back!" ROFL! My home is clutter free. I started organizing my craft room. Then I had a panic attack. It was so overwhelming and then I did the simplest thing that changed everything. I picked out curtains. I liked my curtains and I didn't want my pretty curtains to live with all that stuff I outgrew. I have a pretty problem. All my stuff has to be pretty.

I always tell people to never buy storage until your done decluttering. I think with a craft room you can empty it all out and add some pretty curtains or a new lamp and it gives fresh perspective what you really want and how you have grown.

Now, I go through my room every six months and get rid of everything I outgrew. I do still own a lot of things. I do a lot of different crafts. I make my own beauty products. I work in polymer clay. I like to paint. I have a large nail art collection too. DH & I apparently own a yarn store with the amount of yarn we own, ROFL! We like our yarn and we always pulling out new skeins to start something.

I still own a lot of things but it's my personality things. My room is not the room I used to be as an artist. I don't try to buy for the future because this is a trendy hobby and when the future comes something will be better on the market or I outgrew it already.

Money wise my DH gave me wise advice when I was worried about how much everything cost. He told me that it was bought when I enjoyed it and learned from it. I don't enjoy it anymore and I am done learning from it so move on. I give it away to somebody who I know can learn and enjoy it too. I never feel like I wasted any money if I can make somebody happy.

I hope that helps.
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