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I haven't had a bad experience personally but when they sued other companies for things they should be doing themselves, I took it personally, I guess. I did have an expression that never cut perfect circles and they replaced it several time and insisted that it was my fault and not the machine's, and none of them cut perfect circles. Come to find out it's a common problem with the expression and not many of them do cut right. Then the problems with design studio and the fact that they never fixed it, then they kept out putting out machine after machine without fixing the ones they already had out. But it was the lawsuits that put me off PC for good. I think they are bullies and they can't even take care of their own like the 3rd party companies do. They don't seem to care about glitches and problems in their machines or software.

My dd still has the personal cricut and a few carts but if she ever wants more cartridges, she'll have to pony up the money for them herself.

Toshiba has a lot of models so it's the same brand for sure, but may not be the exact same configuration. My daughter uses it with sims games, photoshop, Sony Vegas movie studio, and her homeschool programs. My other dd uses the Sony Vaio for the same things (minus the Sims games), which was quite a bit more expensive, but she has more trouble with it than we do with the Toshiba.
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