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Great episode!! It was quite shocking and really awesome!

I knew that they would have to write Shane out at some point. One of the main producers/writers of the show left before this season (or was asked to leave or whatever the deal was) and apparently is doing a new show and rumor was that he asked "Shane" to star in it. So Shane had to go at some point. How they did it was really good tho. Instead of just running off, he went out like he should have....a big showdown with him and Rick and with Rick being forced to off him.

Not sure where it's going to go from here tho...Shane was the person you loved to hate. =)

I know, the whole Carl thing was beginning to p!$$ me off....I wanted to spank him but then you kind of understood how awful life was for him so it made a good story conflict. I think Lori is now the one who is starting to bug me, with the whole "I love you...wait, I never did...oh wait, yes I did" thing. But I guess thats the point of the show...we root for someone one minute, then want them to get eaten by walkers the next....LOL

It does appear that the virus is airborne or in the water or something. Since people are turning into walkers without being bitten, we can assume that everyone is or can be exposed to it and that they are carrying it in their systems and when they die, they come back to life as a zombie. Love that idea and it should make for some interesting episodes. Wonder if we will see a return of Otis?!
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