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Originally Posted by Cynamom View Post
Ugh. I am stressing out bad. I have a court date Friday at 9 a.m. so wish me luck. It's over the college thing. I am trying to get my ex to pay for $3,300 a semester for our son's sophomore college year. I did it all myself... went to the courthouse, got the papers, filled them out and filed them. Got a court date a week later. Now my ex is asking my son to come over tomorrow to talk about it, but NOT in a good way ... to try to get my son to say never mind, etc. I am going to try to have my son NOT go over there... just to deal with it by talking to him on the phone. I had a nice talk with my son (he's a GREAT kid) and said this is all on your dad... if he makes $160K a year and can't afford that, then it's his own reflection he needs to deal with, not BI at me and my son. My mom is going to go with me, thank heavens. I could not do this alone, plus, I really do not trust him at all not to do something violent. I am GLAD it is a courthouse at least. I am pretty smart about watching my back, but I can't help but be nervous. It shouldn't come to this, but I vowed once I had kids, I would fight for what was RIGHT for them on their behalf, so this is what I have to do.

Please send me good vibes for Friday. I'll post here how it went.

I know how hard it is to not stress out about this court date, but.... you are in the right and your ex is wrong. Trying to manipulate your son is just cruel. Sending up prayers for the judge to have the wisdom to find in you and your son's favor.
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