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I'm praying for all of you, your families,finances, your jobs, health...most of all about our time we get to spend before the Lord. We are, if you don't mind me grouping us all together "Prayer Warriors."

I am sure that the enemy does not like that. I bet we are under attack for what we believe, for our constant prayers for others. This isn't reason to stop...for we are much stronger in Christ Jesus. He has already gone before us in all of our ways. We are Victorious in Him. I appreciate each of your determined prayers.

Caterina~praying for you, Sweetie. You are very loved.

Joan~ Just be yourself at work. Who you are is wonderful. And, how you are is wonderful. You are Christ-like. If they don't want that some time down the road, it speaks volumes about them. Perhaps you are in line for a promotion. His plans are better for us.

Michele, thank you for being my friend. And, for helping me through the past few days. You are appreciated. I hope you know.

Idumont~ I am sorry for all of the stresses that your family is now going through. I will pray for guidance as regards to who needs help the most right now from you and your hubby. I will also pray that the Lord will provide assistance for both of your sisters. There are SO many public programs for assistance, and many churches help out with bills that are devastating and such. In fact, when I first moved out of my 1st husband's house, I took food from the church, so that little bit of money could help with my rent. They also made car payments, and rent and electricity for a time there. I left that house with $0. I just want to encourage you to look and have them look for help elsewhere.

I went to the doctor yesterday, I am still ill, but I was feeling about 80% better. She told me to call her in 3 weeks if I am not better. This is really trying my patience. Last night, while I was sound asleep, I became very ill. Now, you may know that you can get pulled muscles when ill, but it can be torture like for someone who has a back like mine. I can barely sit up or walk. I am curled into a circle, because it doesn't hurt as much. And, I have been basically been breathing through my mouth, because of my sinus infection. I am scared to open my mouth now. The doctor told me that I am dehydrated, and yet, I am scared to eat or drink anything. I don't want anything to trigger my stomach. Please pray that I at least get water down.

You are all a fine group of women. I am so glad that you let me be part of this thread. We are a community of support to each other...and to others that come our way. I have never been a part of a group of people that I am more fond of, and as selfless as anyone of you.

He IS Able,
Traci S.
He IS Able!
Traci S.
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