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Holly, so glad to hear from you & that surgery went well.

Traci, we are within 10 years of being in your shoes. Our parents are in their 70's & still okay for now, but definitely seeing signs of aging. For MIL, that means she's about like a 50 year old, though! SHe's in really good shape in general. Not sure what's going on with her leg, but I hope it's not as bad as my dad thinks it is.

PS, last time it was MIL who had all the girls---mine & then 2 others. We were very grateful for that. Of course, as with all of our times when parents have taken the kids, it was a work week, so Phil was at work & I was busy cleaning the house. I'm still grateful, but we do need some time completely alone. I'm sure you don't get those breaks either with a little one at home. Actually, we could have them stay with friends, and my kids would rather do that. Natalie is really being a pain in the rear about this--what do you use as a discipline option at that point? Keep complaining & I won't feed you? (for any lurkers, I'm being sarcastic) It's not as though I can say, "You can't play with friends if you keep complaining" b/c they won't be anyway. I just feel it is important for them to know their grandparents. Maybe that's b/c I didn't have a grandfather until my Grammie remarried when I was 10, but they lived in Massachusetts & we were here. My girls have lost one grandfather & I'd like them to have memories of their grandparents. They are fine once they are there. It's Natalie more than B. who gets fidgety & there isn't a lot for a girl her age to do at their house. The pool is great at MIL's. My folks have not complained about watching the girls, or I'd not ask them to do that. I know it must also seem like they are gone a lot, but this summer it's been for VBS that one week & the other times were when I've taken Kathy to chemo in Houston & our other friend wasn't here to keep the girls.

I hope I didn't sound ungrateful for my parents' gifts. I have thanked them profusely for the gift money AND for the use of the truck. When I sent them a note this afternoon I again thanked them. I also mentioned that Phil's recent accident likely caused a cracked rib, which is why he's not worked on the car yet. I realized that Dad probably thought Phil was out riding these weekends & not working on the car. I wanted him to know that Phil has been pretty much sitting on the couch or in his chair. We did take the girls to Fiesta Texas last weekend, but he didn't ride any extreme rides like he likes to do. I said it politely & kept thinking of Beth saying, "Kill 'em with kindness!" LOL!

Wow, Traci, 65 degrees? 70's? 80? NICE! So glad you are getting such enjoyable weather. Looks like they are forecasting us to stay in the 90's. Typically by now we're in the 100's, but we seem to have more humidity this year, so it feels just as hot. Tonight when I left Wal-Mart at 9:20 I thought, "Wow, I'd forgotten how hot August is." Then I thought of all the dorks & how it must be like that for y'all in the winter.

PS, so sorry you have to deal with confrontation issues with your mom. IT is hard being at this stage of life. So glad there are several of us there so we can learn from each other. Hope it goes smoothly.

Beth, hope Sam Sheep stops sounding sick. Hope they are all asleep too!

Grace, are you enjoying new pastures for your living quarters?

Got a cake in the oven. This is take 2. Tried a from scratch recipe that flopped. Went to WM & got a mix. It's baking now. Bethany will have to ice it tomorrow. She decorates her own cakes & has for years now. Now to get them to want to MAKE the cakes without me. Natalie will help, but hasn't started doing it alone yet. B. doesn't care so much about the baking process. She likes creating new foods, but without a recipe. Let's just say that is interesting! LOL!

OH!!!! PEGGYSUE! Guess what I found today? BISQUICK!!! Now, that may sound odd, but this was the GF BISQUICK!!! SO excited. Will let you know how it is. If you can't find it let me know so I can send you some.

ALSO, the place we are staying next week (I may have said this already) is going to serve me GF foods & told me about the health food store there that sells a lot of GF stuff. They may even open a GF bakery. We don't have one here that I know of. I don't mind baking my own gf stuff & I don't bake gf often anyway (more now that B. is GF also), but it would be nice to know such a thing is somewhere not TOO far from home. I let B. get off the GF diet when she went to Grandma's. She was okay for about 2 weeks, then the autistic & ADHD behaviors went into overdrive. We saw a HUGE change in her on the gluten. We have seen NO tummy issues, so I'll let her have gluten now & then (like tomorrow) but am trying to keep her gf for the most part.

Need to see if she's finished getting ready for bed. Night dear ones!
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