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Default Bus drivers & Nannies or Daycare Providers

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By Author Unknown.

A willing partner for working moms,
She comforts, pampers, soothes and calms.
With all the love she has to share,
Sheís great to have when mommy canít be there.

She loves to rock a fussy child,
Corrects the one that gets too wild.
She hears her share of tearful pleas,
And comforts those with skinned up knees.

With little children she plays games of peek,
For bigger ones itís hide and seek.
She is an expert at each game,
But somehow loses just the same.

She helps them learn the alphabet,
And gives them hugs when theyíre upset.
She gently tucks them in their beds,
With dreamland tales for sleepyheads.

She is a true and trusted friend,
Who helps them learn and play pretend.
Although sheís paid, itís plain to see,
She serves them with a love thatís free.
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Preschool Graduation Poem
Author Unknown.

Iíve worked with your flower and helped it to grow
Iím returning it now but, I want you to know,
This flower is precious as dear as can be.
Love it, take care of it, and you will see a bright bloom with everyday.
It grows and blossoms in a wonderful way.
In August-a bud, mid-term a bloom,
Now a lovely blossom-Iím returning in June.
Remember this flower as dear as can be,
Though rightfully yours, part belongs to me

~~ <> @ <> ~~

Bus Driver Poem
by Carolyn Henry.

He is a special person, Iím sure youíll all agree
Heís the kind of person, I wanted him to be.

He is very responsible, in caring for your child
He wonít let them be rowdy, and they canít be wild.

He drives the bus they ride on, each and every day
He makes sure they are careful, on the bus when they play.

He does your job for you, when you send them out the door
They are his to care, Until they are home once more.

Do you ever think about him, and the job he does for you
Do you ever say Thank you, for watching all this crew.

Heís not in it for the pay, thereís not enough for that,
He wants to take care of them, and that is where its at.

Do you put yourself in his place, as you send them out the door
Do you know he worries, until theyíre home once more?

That is your most precious possession, he is holding in his hand.
He knows this and wishes, someone would understand.

He is your School Bus Driver but donít you sell him short
He is caring for your children, and heís doing it from his heart.
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